"Poem for Gerry" in the latest issue of Gyroscope Review, Winter 2023


Book Review: The History of Our Vagrancies in Rustbelt Girl by Marjorie Maddox  

my poem "On the Road to Bushmills" in the latest edition of The Honest Ulsterman


The History of Our Vagrancies . Copies available $14 including shipping. Click on the PayPal link below.

Image                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We are shaped, each of us, by our own accidents, what Jason Irwin, in his gritty account, calls the vagaries, tracing his life in the rustbelt parentheses where “everything we’ve lost is gathered”: friends, family, the disjecta of abandoned rooms and factories, and most hauntingly, the clubfoot cynosure of the poet’s now severed limb, sympathetic to the surrounding music. “Like the song the dead sing,/or the cry of a newborn . . . the history of our comings and goings.” Poem after poem, Irwin stands his painful ground. His book shows us how the pivot foot get

"Afterwards" in Vox Populi 9/27/22  

Kris Collins' "Roundabout Trace" Book Launch Reading, Sunday, September 25th 2pm @ Trace Brewing