Author's Hour @ Chautauqua Institute: Judith Bowles & Jason Irwin 8/12


The History of Our Vagrancies & A Blister of Stars available for purchace.

Both books are available by emailing me or going to paypal & using my email: The History of Our Vagrancies $17 includes shipping. A Blister of Stars $12 includes shipping. Both books for $25. The History of Our Vagancies (Main Street Rag, 2020) "My father asks me to go to church//and write the hymn numbers on a sheet of yellow paper./He read about a woman in Michigan who won the Powerball this way." Family love is all the more real for being volatile, spirituality deeper for being fueled at times by Black Mollies and Budweiser. Jason Irwin has created a world of visionary contingency and immanence.  A History of Our Vagrancies  is exemplary, a keeper and a gem.  -- D. Nurkse A Blister of Stars (Low Ghost Books, 2016) I’ve known  Jason Irwin  for a few years now. I started seeing him at readings around town and when he read his work I was just dumbstruck. It was like waking up one morning to find Philip Levine camping in your backyard. Jason’s writing

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