Anyone out there involved in small theatre companies interested in reading, and/or producing a one act play of mine? Ireland? Romania? The Czech Republic? U.S.A.?

A version of "Undone" you can find on Mad Hatter's Review issue #13. One legged loner, failed writer, approaching 40, insomniac, envious, snarky, depressed,  everyman, lost in his own apartment and world, contemplating time, love, & his intestines as he tries to find a suitable title for the first volume of his memoirs.

Also available: versions of

"Civilization" post-apocalyptic Beckett meets Pink Floyd.

"Checkpoint" An encounter between two soldiers at military checkpoint at the border of an unnamed country & a man without a tongue, or the use of his legs. From The Philadelphia Review of Books June 2012. Also a youtube performance can be seen thanks to Willits Shakespeare Theater Company.

"Mythic" A young man & young woman, secluded in an apartment together. Lovers? Siblings? Mother and son?

If interested email me: